Life Insurance

Ensuring your family's financial security after you pass is a top priority for most of us. It is important to ensure that you are paying the correct amount for the type and amount of cover you need.

Life- and disability cover and protecting your income is becoming trickier due to advancement in medical technology, more illnesses and viruses etc. This leads to clauses, addendums and terms and conditions in your policy. The worst possible situation you can be in is to find out that the policy won't pay out because there was an exclusion of some or other kind.

You can avoid this by speaking to a financial advisor who specializes in these kinds of policies. Not only will it ensure that your loved ones are well looked after, it can help with liquidity in an estate, securing of finance and above all gives you peace of mind.

Francois Snyman has more than 7 years experience in the field. Contact Francois to ensure you get the right cover.

Francois Snyman
Reghardt Draper